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  • Nutrient agar, 250 gr

Nutrient agar is a basic dense nutrient medium, comprehensively ensures the growth of most bacteria. It is used to diagnose samples the presence of bacteria, for identification of individual strains and for various laboratory tests. Consisting of no inhibitors, peptone and extract provide the microorganisms with nutrients to build biomass, separation of pigments and other typical products.

Purpose: Cultivation of microorganisms

Brief description and explanation: Nutrient agar is the main nutrient medium used to support the growth of microorganisms, the cultivation of demanding organisms in the case of enrichment of the medium with serum or blood, and nutrient agar used to check the purity of the culture before conducting biochemical or serological testing of the culture. This relatively simple formula of agar has been preserved and is still widely used in the microbiological examination of various materials and is also recommended by standard techniques. This is one of several nonselective media used in routine cultivation of microorganisms. Nutrient agar can be used to grow and count bacteria that are not particularly sophisticated. Adding various biological fluids to nutrient agar, such as horse or sheep's blood, serum, egg yolk, etc. makes it suitable for the cultivation of exciting microorganisms. As needed, nutrient agar can be enriched. The nutrient agar modified by the addition of 4-methylmelblylperyl-β-D-glucuronide (MUG) is used for the fluorogenic detection of Escherichia coli. Nutrient agar meets the requirements of APHA and the Association of Official Chemists - Analysts to standard techniques. Nutrient agar is a part of many standard methods for testing food, dairy products, water and other materials.

Principle of action: Nutrient agar is made using specially selected raw materials, which guarantees a lush growth of a wide range of microorganisms. Peptones from animal tissue, beef extract and yeast extract are the source of the necessary compounds of nitrogen, carbon, vitamins and some trace elements necessary for trace growth for bacterial growth. Sodium chloride maintains the osmotic balance of the environment.


The peptone is enzymatic - 10 g / l

Agar microbiological - 10 g / l

Sodium chloride - 5 g / l

Yeast extract - 2.53 g / l

Instructions for use:

1. Dissolve 28 g of medium when heated in 1 liter of purified water.

2. Boil 2-3 minutes, until the components are completely dissolved.

3. Autoclate for 15 min at 121 ° C

4. Cool to 50-45 С and pour into sterile Petri dishes

PH level: 7.3-0.2 ° at 25 ° C

The information is relevant to: 03.02.2018

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Nutrient agar, 250 gr

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