Online Store Agar is one of the most dynamically developing companies in Ukraine, we successfully work in the field of complex equipment of laboratories of various profiles.

    The main goal of our company is to provide Ukrainian laboratories with quality nutrient media, discs for determining the sensitivity of microorganisms to antibiotics, laboratory glassware, diagnostic materials from world and national manufacturers.

   Online Store Agar is obliged to supply only the high-quality products for laboratory research that meets all the requirements of the legislation to the market of medical products of Ukraine. The quality management system created by us is a reliable basis for strengthening our professional potential, the quality of our products, ensuring the high efficiency of all technological and business processes and the entry of our company into the leading position. All the necessary resources are sent to ensure the implementation of our quality policy to create conditions that ensure the implementation of a wide range of only high-quality products for laboratory research.

Online Store Agar offer our clients assistance:

Free delivery in Dnepropetrovsk

Fast delivery within the country

Professional advice

Possibility of buying a small amount of products

Possibility of shipment before payment

     Our clients are research institutes, training centers, molecular biological, genetic, biochemical, microbiological laboratories, sanitary epidemiological centers, forensic laboratories, diagnostic laboratories, biotechnology laboratories, laboratories for metrological, veterinary, customs, forensic, environmental, production.

  Online Store Agar offer you the products of the world's leading manufacturers: Hymedia (India), Micromaster (India), Biolife (Italy), Pharmacist (Ukraine), NICF (Russia), Microgen (Russia), Pharmstandart-Biolek (Ukraine), Filisit Diagnostics (Ukraine), Grupotost (Ukraine), DDP IPR NAAN (Ukraine), Reagent (Ukraine), Norma (Ukraine), Aspect (Ukraine), Arvel (Ukraine)